Be sure to never share your accesskey with anyone because cardro system detects multiple IP and suspend any accesskey found in such state permanently
  • We don't tolerate misuse of our service, anyone found misusing our program will be blocked indefinitely.
  • We don't have access to your cardro wallet and in event of you lose your funds to third-party you shall bear the responsibility
  • Cardro Softwares representative or support agents will never ask for your account identification code (identification code is found in Settings)
  • We do not have access to your funds because we don't have access to your wallet, your wallet it's controlled by you and you alone can make use of your funds
  • 10% of each Withdrawals you make goes to our own safe wallet leaving you with 90% of the transaction
  • All your Transactions are deposited into your built-in wallet
  • Do not exceed your daily limit of $400,000
  • All transactions are converted automatically in dollars regardless of the currency or country
  • All cards are processable
  • Abusive words or swearing are prohibited on our support chats
  • Be responsible and respectful to our Support Agents
  • If any of our agents offend you or doesn't serve you well do not hesitate to report the agent to Administrator for immediate action and a new agent will be assigned to you immediately
  • We do not tolerate abuse
  • We deal with illegal Transactions but we are not bandits
  • We reserve the right to suspend, block, terminate or delete your account/access Token if you violate our terms

Respect Our Terms And You Will Be Respected!